“Jay Bird”, was born  Joyce Pouliot in Lawrence, Mass. As a child, her nickname was “Jay” and she painted as a hobby and you can still see the influence of her New England upbringing in her paintings with the realistic birch trees and scenery. Joyce moved with her family to California in 1954. She met and married the love of her life, James Bird and they raised a family of four daughters together. Jay began painting professionally in 1969 after taking two art lessons given in a park setting, two weeks in a row. She began signing her artwork with the name of JayBird, which seemed appropriate, from that moment on.


The artwork created by JayBird is truly inspired from her heart. She is self-taught (except for those two first lessons) and her work reflects her individual style and color that so many have come to love. Jay has as many as eleven hummingbird feeders up throughout the year in her Blossom Valley backyard and goes through about 40 lbs of sugar a week feeding her 100+ loyal hummingbirds. They, in turn, inspire her many paintings of the gorgeous little creatures. Jay calls San Diego, California her home-base but she is truly in her element while traveling to shows throughout the Southwest where she finds inspiration for many of her paintings as well as many customers who inevitably turn into friends.

Phone Number

619 701 1032